The world of Scuba Diving opens up a whole new range of experiences for the adventure enthusiast. PADI is the largest Scuba operator in the world with thousands of resorts where you can learn to dive, advance your diving knowledge or have a fantastic diving experience. You can learn to dive in very diverse places from lake diving in Alaska to a tropical dive resort on the Great Barrier Reef.

The first step in becoming a Scuba Diver is the Open Water Diver course which teachers people from as young as ten years of age the basics of diving.  If you would like to try Scuba Diving before committing to a course then Discover Scuba Diving is for you. You will get to know the very basics of Scuba Diving in a pool before being taken to a sheltered dive spot and diving to a depth of around 8m.  This all takes place on a single day and is a great way to try out the sport of diving. If you enjoyed your day out in the water, the next step is the Open Water Course. This can be done part-time over a few weeks or full- time over a long weekend. You will watch am instructional video before writing a short multiple choice test based on the video. The next step is a half day of pool instruction.  You will then have to complete five qualifying dives. This will qualify you to enjoy the majority of the world’s shallow dive sites, to a maximum depth of 18 metres.

If you would like to improve your diving knowledge and be allowed to dive to greater depths, the next step is the Advanced Open Water Diver Course.  Your instructor will teach you the necessary skills to be able to dive to a depth of 30 metres.  The course consists of a single deep dive and a choice of three adventure dives. The adventure dives are chosen from a long list of speciality dives such as night diver, altitude diver, wreck diver and digital underwater photography.  The list is very long and everyone will find three adventure dives that appeal to them. The majority of resorts offer a selection of these adventure dives depending on their location.

The majority of casual divers stop at the Advanced Open Water Dive Course but there are a number of other courses that you can take to improve your skills.  You can qualify as a Rescue Diver, Adventure Diver and Master Diver.  The Master Diver qualification allows you to lead groups of other divers on dives. This comes with an added level of responsibility so make sure that you are very comfortable in the situation before agreeing to lead a dive.

If you would like to teach other people to dive and make diving part of your career, you can qualify as a Scuba Diving Instructor. There are a number of levels of instructor from Open Water Scuba Instructor to achieving a Master Instructor Rating. These courses involve a high level of competence and commitment to the sport of Scuba Diving.

Scuba Diving is a fantastic sport that gives you access to the wonders of the oceans.